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Alright, let’s do this.

Hi Mara! Muito prazer! :)

Here are my answers:

  1. What is the memory of your childhood that has left the biggest mark on you? My dad took my little brother and I skiing. My dad was dirty, had a holes in his jacket that he patched up with duct tape and this crusty old hat…he looked and smelled awful. He was stumbling around drunk, which is typical, but still rotten. Anyway, my little brother and I were laughing at him for looking like such a fool. He got mad and left us. He left us at the ski resort. We were over 6 hours away from home. I was 10 and my little brother was 6. My mom came and got us. My parents are divorced.
  2. Do you have a burning desire inside of you wanting to come out? If so, what do you think it created it? Come out sexually? Nope. What created it? Well I don’t know exactly how, but somewhere in my genetic make up I suppose. You can’t help who you love and it sure as shit shouldn’t matter anyhow. As my mom always says, "There’s an ass for every saddle."
  3. What’s the song that just makes you happy? "Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson
  4. Is it hard for you to talk to people you just met? Yes, for the most part
  5.  Are you an introvert or extrovert? Introvert, or according to the Myers-Briggs personality type test, I am an INFJ
  6. If you were to travel the world what would be your first destination? why? and what would be your last? Oh gosh, I want to go everywhere.
  7. What’s the painting that touches you the most? The Star of Heaven by Edward Robert Hughes
  8. Do you thing “ghosts” exist? Yes.
  9. What makes you happy to be alive? What makes you feel infinite? When everything becomes too much, I love that feeling of zooming out, quieting your mind and resting in the notion that if I trust myself, remain positive and gracious, everything else will fall into place.
  10. Pancakes or crepes? Banana Pancakes!
  11. Favorite fictional character ever? Switters



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1.What person (who you know personally or not) inspires you the most?

I think both glean keane and andreas deja. As you…

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